Buccaneer Battlers

Buccaneer Battlers is a pirate themed turn based tactics game for Android. It was completed for my studio 3 class while studying a Bachelor’s of Game Development at SAE. The unit was focused on creating and delivering a commercially viable game, with a strong focus on marketing and monetisation.

The game was uploaded to Itch.io and is available for Android and Windows here.

The landing page for the game covers much of the marketing and is here.

Below are a few screenshots from the game:

My Responsibilities

I worked as the project lead, managing a team of 5 developers over the course of 3 months. I also coordinated with 2 artists and 2 audio engineers to source some of the assets. My responsibilities on the project included:

  • project management
  • production planning
  • marketing
  • game design
  • animation
  • UI & UX
  • programming
  • audio design
  • testing