God of Riffs

God of Riffs was my first shipped title, developed by Boss Music Games and published by Vyersoft. It’s a VR rhythm game and is available on Steam, Meta App Lab, Sidequest and Itch.io (with free demos). Links to the game can be found here: https://www.godofriffs.com/


  • Project management
  • Game design
  • Recruitment
  • Marketing
  • Budgeting
  • Testing & Optimisation
  • Programming (C#)
  • Community Management
  • Business Development

Development of 1.0 took place across 3 years during which I was first the project lead and later studio lead at Boss Music Games. The project began as my capstone project while completing my Bachelor’s of Game Development working alongside another developer and two audio engineers. During that time we were in contact with Vyersoft who expressed interest in publishing a complete version of the game based on our completed prototype. Upon completion we moved to full development and setup Boss Music Games.