Spooky Sid and the G-Patrol

Spooky Sid and the G-Patrol is a stealth action game created in Unity for PC. It was my final project while completing my Advanced Diploma of Game Development at AIE. The latest build (for PC) can be downloaded here.


  • Project Management
  • Game Design
  • Audio Design
  • Programming (C#)
  • UI/ UX
  • Testing

Spooky Sid was built by a team of six: three artists, two devs and myself as project lead. This was my first extended project in a management role and lasted roughly 4 months. Due to the team composition our concept was a fairly simple stealth action game that was populated with a variety of interactive objects and AI npc’s. We used a Waterfall methodology for the project management which really wasn’t suitable due to the inexperienced team but still managed to complete our introductory level as planned. Outside of PM my responsibilities included game design, audio and UI/UX which involved introducing mechanics and narrative as well as using FMOD to incorporate some spatial level blending into the background music.