Spooky Sid and the G-Patrol


Spooky Sid and the G-Patrol is a stealth action game created in Unity. It was my final project while completing my Advanced Diploma of Game Development at AIE.

I was the project lead and sole designer in a team of five. This project was built as the proof of concept for a proposed larger game.


The latest build (for PC) can be downloaded here.

Level Design

The level design went through many iterations before landing on the final layout as shown above. Section 1 represented the warehouse at the rear of the supermarket and was used to introduce the player to the controls, the basic mechanics and AI reactions before entering the larger playing area.

Narrative Design

Displayed above is the introductory sequence to the level. This was used to quickly establish the player’s motivation and the level setting (credit to Jaiden Clark for the artwork). The above images were based on simple mockups I created for this sequence. Another similar sequence was also created for the end of this level section.

Sound Design

Sound design is something I take an interest in so I tried to incorporate as much as I could into the design of this project. Using FMOD I setup all of the sound effect events for delivering player feedback. I setup trigger volumes in Unity that adjusted ambient sound levels as the player moved throughout the level. I also prototyped adaptive music that modified the soundtrack based on proximity to the enemy but unfortunately due to an AI bug this didn’t make it into the final build.