Wrong Floor


Wrong Floor was a solo project I worked on while at AIE for my Narrative Design class. For this project I designed and built a vertical slice for a survival horror game concept I had developed. This level represents the introduction to the game.

A build for this level (PC only) can be downloaded here. 

World Building

The focus of this project was on world building and environment storytelling. I used low light levels in contrast with bright point lights as well as sharp sound effects in a mostly silent level to direct the player. Free stock assets and textures were used to develop an appropriate 1980’s office building aesthetic. Signage and some interactive elements such as a collectable newspaper were used to deliver specific story and gameplay elements to the player.


Level Design

Level layout was important to the narrative structure of the level. Below is the sketched level layout with the key events in the level numbered. This layout was transferred into Unity and then built upon. The player starts in a corridor with a large window showing the city outside the building.


To help explain the level setting to the player I decided to use large windows that show long lines of sight through a major city. To do this I mocked up several city blocks using Unity primitives and photo textures of building faces I found on google. I surrounded the distant perimeter with images of a city skyline and a large aerial image of city streets on the ground plane. I lowered the light levels and added thick rolling cloud to the sky and ground to obscure the low quality image and skybox.