Cannonfire Fable

In mid 2023 Outback Games brought me a vertical slice which we discussed as a possible collaboration to quickly launch a project before the end of the year.

This project was completed by 2 of us working part time over 4 months. Our goal was to quickly publish a small scoped mobile game to Google Play. The project was based on an early prototype developed for a solo game jam and shares a lot of the same design DNA as physics based puzzlers like Angry Birds.

We intentionally designed the project to keep a small scope, easily achievable between 2 developers. With no artist and next to no budget we had to be clever with our visual design. Within those constraints we tried to make the audio visual design as cohesive as possible, carefully sourcing pre-built assets (sprites, UI, level backgrounds, audio) that fit with the games theme.

For this project my responsibilities included:

  • Project management (Jira and Confluence)
  • Game design
  • Programming
  • UI & UX
  • Art direction
  • QA Testing
  • Creating Platform Assets


Game Design

Project Management


QA Testing

Art direction


Timeline: 4 Months

Team size: 2

Cannonfire Fable is a casual physics based puzzle game for Android.

Cannonfire Fable 1.0 released to Google Play in October 2023.