God of Riffs

This project was a massive undertaking and was my main focus for nearly 3 years. What initially began as a student project while completing my degree ended up becoming a full time job.


After our student prototype had been completed we spoke with Vyersoft who were interested in the project. In 2021 we signed a publishing agreement and began full production.


We initially were targeting Steam VR with an aim to finish within 6 months. We later pivoted to target Quest headsets, pushing the release date back over a year.


When we started Boss Music Games was a small team of four, two developers and two audio engineers. My position evolved as time went on as I was running both our studio and trying to manage God of Riffs as well as some other contract work we had coming in. 


For this project my responsibilities included:

  • Project management
  • Game design
  • Documentation
  • Running meetings
  • Marketing
  • Community management
  • Recruiting and contracting
  • Working with external stakeholders (our publisher and platform services)
  • Art direction
  • QA Testing
  • Optimisation
  • Platform certification (Steam and Meta App Lab)


Game Design

Project Management


QA Testing


Art direction


Timeline: Almost 3 years

Team size: 4-12

God of Riffs is a heavy metal rhythm game for VR. Hit enemies in time with the music to charge up your axe and increase your score.

God of Riffs 1.0 version released for Steam VR and Sidequest (App Lab) in 2022. It was developed by Boss Music Games and published by Vyersoft.