Spooky Sid and the G-Patrol

Spooky Sid and the G-Patrol was my Major Project while studying at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. I lead a team of six, myself the game designer, as well as two programmers and three artists across a 3 month project. This was my first time as a project lead.


My responsibilities included:

  • Designing the core gameplay concept
  • Writing up game design documentation
  • Working closely with the artists to come up with an overall aesthetic
  • Storyboarding the narrative and intro sequences
  • Planning out our timeline
  • Tracking deliverables
  • Managing the team and handling meetings
  • Level design
  • Testing and QA


Project Management

Game Design

QA Testing


  • Academy of interactive Entertainment (AIE)

Timeline: 3 months

Team size: 6

Spooky Sid and the G-Patrol is a student project completed at AIE.

Spooky Sid and the G-Patrol is a stealth action game where you play as Sid, a poltergeist that’s been awoken from his eternal slumber and found himself mixed up with some Halloween decorations. Possess objects and scare the locals to make yourself more powerful while avoiding the G-Patrol who are looking to catch and destroy anything supernatural.