For this project I was part of a team of 3, my role being lead programmer. This was a particular challenge as it was the first time any of us had developed for VR and our target headset was the extremely limited Oculus Go. Our goal was to act as a contractor for an external stakeholder and deliver a 5 minute, “energising” experience (not necessarily a game) that would leave the user feeling energised at the end.


As the lead programmer on this project I paid close attention to our optimisation as we were required to hit a target frame rate of 60fps (ideally 72fps). To achieve this:

  • I used object pooling for the generated pickups and the track, 
  • minimised our use of particle effects,
  • Avoided transparent objects (they can cause significant performance hits in mobile VR),
  • and while our initial demo used runtime mesh generation this was scrapped as it was too CPU intensive.


My other responsibilities on this project included:

  • Game design
  • Programmer art (all the assets are original)
  • Composed the background music



Game design


  • SAE (and Liminal VR)

Timeline: 3 months

Team size: 3
Cyber_Surfer is a short energising VR experience built for Oculus Go. This was a student project created at SAE for Liminal VR’s platform (not used).