Buccaneer Battlers

Buccaneer Battlers is a student project I worked on over 3 months while studying my degree at SAE. My role was the project lead, managing a team of 5 developers. My responsibilities on this project included:

  • project management
  • design planning and documentation
  • market research
  • UI development
  • UX
  • QA and testing

The goal of this project was to identify a target market and develop a product for it. We identified a niche in the casual mobile market for a pirate themed tactics game, targeting players roughly 25-34 years of age. We borrowed our design heavily from a proven success: "Into the Breach", which at the time didn't have a mobile version.


Project Management

Game Design



QA Testing


Timeline: 3 months

Team size: 5

Buccaneer Battlers is a pirate themed turn-based tactics game for Android. Fight battles, upgrade your fleet and explore!